We specialise in providing bespoke services for the English speaking community in Switzerland. Below are some of the typical services that we provide.

Owner representation

Real-estate projects are extremely complex and the financial risks can be very high. Reducing the risk depends on how you manage your project.

You will have to choose your architect, engineers and contractors and ensure that they perform according to their contracts. How will you know if they are offering value for money?

Our services will pay for themselves, so why take the risk of going it alone? 


project turnaround

Is your project in difficulty? Are you experiencing cost overruns, time delays and poor quality work? Have you lost confidence in your architect?

The causes of these problems are often systemic. We will analyse the situation and help you get your project back on track.



Is your architect or contractor asking for more than was contracted? Are you losing money due to delays? Is your architect or contractor refusing to provide services that you think are due? Do you need a lawyer?

Litigation is expensive and generally avoidable so don't let the situation get out of control before its too late.